Sizing Guide


Bangles are measured by their diameter, which is a straight line passing through the centre of the bangle, finishing at the inside edges of the bangle. To find the size of bangle to fit, you can measure the INNER diameter of an existing bangle or measure yourself using a flexible tape measure. Measure the hand that you intend to wear the bangle on as each hand can be a different size.

How to measure yourself for a bangle

Put your hand flat palm facing upwards and then bring your thumb across to sit next to your little finger. Wrap the tape measure over your top knuckles of your fingers which should be the widest part and PULL TIGHT. Take this measurement and see what size bangle would fit over your knuckles. For example I measure 19.5cm, so I would choose a Medium.

Internal Diameter (cm)
Internal Circumference (cm)

If you require a size out with these please contact me directly for a quote


Please ensure to order the correct size for stone rings as alternations can be difficult and time consuming and thus incur an alteration fee.

If you are buying a stacker set – if the set is bigger than 4 rings I would advise going up a size to allow for comfort.

If you are still unsure on your ring size, please use my FREE RING SIZER that I can send out in the post:


I make my standard charm bracelets to the following lengths:

ADULT Small 17cm Medium 18cm Large 19cm XL 20cm

Measure the circumference of your wrist to determine which size would suit best and add on at least 1cm for comfort or 2cm for a loose fitting bracelet.

I can do whatever size you’d like so please let me know if you require a specific size.

Necklace Chain Lengths

Please see below a chart showing the different chain lengths and where they typically sit