Memorial Jewellery

We also now specialise in Memorial Jewellery – You can either combine this service with our Reloved Remodelling service or by enjoy it by itself. This special memorial service was brought to By Rebecca Jewellery with the skills of our Head of Workshop, Mhairi Gibbons who makes all the memorial pieces.

You can trust that Rebecca and her team of highly skilled jewellers will give the due care and respect for your piece during this often sensitive process and guide you along the way to create your very own unique piece of memorial jewellery. We will handmake your piece from start to finish with the love and sensitivity it deserves.

We offer the following services for Memorial Jewellery –
Ashes, Hair, Fingerprint and Laser Engraving Handwriting 

Encapsulated Ashes
Memorial Jewellery

We can hold your dear ashes within a stone setting chamber. We make a wee vessel for your precious ashes to be set safely in resin behind a stone of your choosing. This ensures that you have a strong and safe place for your dearest ashes to be kept without risk of them being chipped like in some other memorial jewellery where the ashes are held on the surface of a pendant. This means you can choose a special colour or precious gemstone to sit and sparkle with your ashes behind them.

Depending on the colour of stone you can often see the darker twinkle of the ashes behind. If you wish to see the ashes, the best colour to choose is a clear cubic zirconia or a clear quartz, which will turn out to look a little grey in colour.

Prices for Ashes products start at £90 so please get in touch for more information.

Encapsulated Hair
Memorial Jewellery

We can encapsulate hair – horse, doggy or human hair within a stone setting. If you want to remember your special animal or human by keeping a a few strands of their hair we can do this for you in any of the memorial options. Prices for encapsulated hair products start at £90 so please get in touch for more information.

Engraved Handwriting
Memorial Jewellery

We can use laser engraving to engrave exact hand-writing on to your piece of jewellery – hold their words in their hand writing dear to your heart at all times. Such a special service that holds their memory so close. We can laser engrave on pendants, rings, bangles and charms.

Engraved Fingerprints
Memorial Jewellery

We also use laser engraving for engraving fingerprints on to the jewellery – keeping that memory of your loved ones closer than ever. We can laser engrave fingerprints or sections of it on to a whole piece or just to cover part of a piece.

Bespoke Memorial Jewellery

At By Rebecca Jewellery our skilled team of goldsmiths can create a very unique to you bespoke piece of memorial jewellery – combining all or some of the services listed above – we can even incorporate an element of the Reloved remodelling process to your bespoke piece too. Please get in touch using the form to enquire about a very special piece of Bespoke memorial jewellery.

Have you inherited some gold from a loved one and a sentimental card with their handwriting on? We can melt the gold down to create a new pendant and have the cherished handwriting incorporated to keep her close to your heart?

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