Reloved Jewellery

The Reloved Jewellery Service is a deeply meaningful offering by Rebecca where we can take your old stories held in sentimental jewellery passed down to you from precious family members and turn them into future heirlooms and jewellery that means everything to you to wear today.

Your story is encapsulated in a modern piece of jewellery to be cherished and passed through the generations. Or, just simply bring new life to old tired jewellery you do not wear anymore.

We can take your old jewellery, reuse the stones, add in new gemstones, melt down and refine your sentimental silver or gold to create new pieces for you ranging from rings, organically formed pebbles, charms, bracelets, bangles and earrings. We can also take a piece of your sentimental jewellery and incorporate it into most of our classic collections on my website.

Reloved jewellery service Finished reloved rings from By Rebecca

Relove your Jewellery

We have a highly skilled team of goldsmiths and can offer a variety of different techniques to get to your desired piece. Most commonly traditional goldsmithing gets us the result we are after but we can often use Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Wax Carving to gain the desired result. I typically work with rub-over settings bezel style settings but can also offer claw set, flush and pave setting to set your stones. Larger old style traditional claw set clusters aren’t really something we would take on.

Wax Carving

Sometimes Wax Carving is the best tool in order to get that exact replica of a ring made or to have something made that fits absolutely perfectly. Sometimes due to the complex nature of a ring we may need to use CAD, Computer Aided design to get your desired results

Before/After Reloved Jewellery

See below the before and after for these amazing transformations from inherited or unworn jewellery that embodies the old story and keeps them alive in these new beautiful designs, that can be worn every day to cherish.


If you have any questions hopefully these FAQs will be able to help answer them. If not feel free to contact us.

What do I need? What metal shall I use?

Regardless of what type of metal you are sending me – it MUST be HALLMARKED – this is especially important for gold. Each metal type needs to be grouped and melted together to create that element of the jewellery – but we can use both 9ct and 18ct in the same set of rings we would just use them for different components of the design. You will typically find the numbers 375 for 9ct Gold, 750 for 18ct Gold and 925 for Sterling Silver. We would always recommend Reloving Gold as its so valuable a metal.

*See table for the hallmarks to look out for

Can I Relove Sterling Silver?

A wee note on reloving sterling silver – as a general rule if the silver is sentimental then we would encourage you to use it in your Reloved project. As there is an immense amount of work that goes into making your silver into a state in which we can then make something from it, it’s is not always cost effective to remodel sterling silver. If you wish to have silver in your design, its often better for us to use our silver as we purchase our silver in rolls of wire and is therefore ready to be made into rings or bangles etc. If your silver has meaning to you then, we would absolutely encourage the use of it in your design – baby bangles are often used as they hold a wee story for the wearer and links to their past.
If you have lots of silver you don’t wear, we can offer a buy back service whereby we offer a scrap value for your silver to offset the cost of your project. We generally don’t buy gold as a business but we can offer to buy back some of your un-used gold leftovers if they are of good quality and deduct this from your project cost.

Where can I find my Hallmarks?

If you have a magnifying glass or a loupe you can use these to find the hallmarks:
Rings – inside the ring band
Earrings – on the earring post and should usually be on the butterfly scrolls too.
Pendants – on the pendant loop and also on the chain near the clasp if this is heavy enough or on the reverse of the pendant
Chains and bracelets – on the clasp or close by

View Fineness Marks | View Assay Office Marks

How much do I need?

These weights are approximate so can be flexible and depending on your sizes, width and dimensions of your piece. It can be thinner and wider if flattened more through the rolling mill.

Small Pebble (5-8mm)
Medium Pebble (9-15mm)
Large Pebble (16-20mm)
Small Heart (for Stacker Ring)
Heart Charm Necklace
3x2mm ring band
2mm2 Ring Band
Bangle 2mm Square
Bangle 3mm Square
Bangle 4mm Square
Bangle 5mm Square
Bangle 3x2mm
Bangle 5×1.5mm
How much does a Relove Project Cost?

Reloved projects vary so much between projects and it is really hard to give an accurate estimate until we know exactly what is required from your jewellery and the work involved to make the desired piece. Once you have your consultation you will be given a quotation for your project. There is an immense amount of work, skill and problem solving that goes into each Reloved project. When you are working with metals, often from different parts of the world who make their 9ct gold from lots of different alloys, the refining process is time consuming to get that metal into a state in which we can then form something out of it. No Reloved Project is ever straight forward as if we were building it from fresh metal.

There is a common misconception that because we are working with your metal and stones that it should be less expensive but the amount of work is actually far greater in remodelling metal and stones than working from fresh mined metal and new stones. Planning the project as to which metal is being used where in the design, delicately releasing your stones and removing all the base metals from fasteners etc, preparing the metals to be in a state in which we can melt it and then refine that metal, often a few times so its rid of its impurities is very time consuming. We always have to problem solve and more work is required to set the stones in remodelled metal as its often much harder, therefore less forgiving, than fresh metal. Often the monetary value of what we make for you far out-weighs the cost for the project, and you certainly cannot buy this off the shelf on the high street! We pride ourselves in our unique bespoke jewellery service with our extremely high standards of skill and are proud of what we produce at By Rebecca. What we can promise is the results are so worth it and the story we keep and transform into your new jewellery is just priceless.

Guide Pricing

The cost a Reloved simple project can start at around £200 and range up to several hundreds for a complex stacking ring set – it really does depend on the design and work involved.

The cost for a set of Reloved stacker ring set generally sits between £600-1400, depending on the complexity.

A more elaborate stacker ring set with advanced stone settings made with fully reloved and refined gold is much more time consuming therefore these stacks tend to start at around the £1300+ mark. Again, it really depends on what you have and what you want to achieve!


If your complex bespoke project requires CAD (Computer aided design), prices will start at the £1000+ mark.

Once we have finalised and agreed your design, we will send you a quote and if you choose to accept the quote, we will issue a request for a 50% deposit to book your order in.

How long does it take?

Once we have agreed on the design, the following timeframes for Reloved are as follows from point of the deposit being paid to secure your order;

Simple Projects: 4-6weeks
Complex Projects: 10-12weeks

At the moment, the Reloved Service is extremely popular so please plan in advance to avoid disappointment if you are working towards a particular date.

What can I do with my unworn gold and sterling silver jewellery?

We offer a buy back service if that helps you fund your project – every little helps as they say – we can buy back your scrap silver or gold that is left over from your project (as long as its well behaved gold……some naughty 9ct we won’t buy but if its not naughty we may offer to buy it from you at the end)
We offer a scrap value on your silver and/or gold and this is estimated during the quotation process for the silver and the gold will be decided at the end.

Want to get started?

We need to begin our communication about your project so please fill out this form and your project will then be assessed to whether the Reloved Team can book your job in. If our Reloved Team feel your project requires Rebeccas input then you will be referred to make an appointment with Rebecca.

You can now book in an initial Free Reloved phone call, Reloved Zoom or Face to Face appointment with Rebecca at her studios in Kinross. Please fill in this form with photos prior to booking in (or you can email them to [email protected])


Our Reloved Team

If it’s a simple solo piece of jewellery such as a reloved single ring, a straightforward remodelling of a stone you have into a similar design to what you see online or in store, a gold pebble necklace, a reloved heart charm necklace or a set of reloved heart stud earrings for example, then one of our Reloved Team can help you with that directly via the phone or email.

Your simple Reloved enquiry can also be handled by our trained sales staff working in our studio retail shop.

1 Hour Consultation with Rebecca

An appointment with Rebecca is required for complex Reloved commissions, elaborate solo rings with multiple elements, multiple stacker set of rings with shaped stones with mixed metals or a bespoke commission incorporating a combination of our services.

During your discussion with Rebecca, she will analyse your jewellery in depth and she will design you your very own unique to you beautiful By Rebecca Reloved Commission.  You will receive a sketched copy of your proposed design and a quotation after the meeting.

As these consultations with Rebecca are in-depth and require a lot of work, advanced design skill during and after the consultation, there is a consultation fee of £35 that is payable upon booking your appointment.  If you proceed with your Reloved project, then this £35 is deducted from your deposit request.

When your project is in manufacture, Rebecca likes to keep in touch with you via whatsapp and send you work in progress photos and videos, and this allows us to keep you informed of any proposed changes or issues that arise as sometimes older jewellery can hide a manor of sins! We feel its great to keep you involved in the process as our aim to for you to be absolutely over the moon with your Reloved project.

What to expect from your Zoom Consultation with Rebecca

Prior to your Zoom, Rebecca will analyse your photos of the jewellery and look at your favourite By Rebecca designs you have sent in.  During the meeting Rebecca will find out about the story behind your jewellery (if it has one!) and bear that in mind for the design ideas. Rebecca will then sketch out a few concepts and suggested designs.

Sometimes this is a process of sketching lots of different ideas until we come to one that we both love! Rebecca will show you on the screen the sort of thing we think we can achieve for you, making sure it holds your story within it.  She may be able to give a rough indication for the cost of the project at the time but more often she will need to analyse and send a quotation afterwards, which may be subject to a slight change if once we get the jewellery in person and there is extra unforeseen work involved.

If you are keen to progress after receiving your quote – you can send me your jewellery to analyse in person.  The studio address is as follows – we would advise on special delivery for insurance purposes.

By Rebecca Studios
Garage House
Green Road
KY13 8TU

Once we have your jewellery – I will confirm the design we have planned is possible and once we have both agreed the costs and you are happy to proceed, then we will issue a deposit invoice for 50% of the total cost. Once the deposit is paid that is your project secured.

If we need to book in a quick 15minute catch up call to confirm things or if you change your mind on things, we can also do that.

What to expect from your Face to Face Consultation with Rebecca at By Rebecca Studios

You will be welcomed into the lovely Reloved Consulation Room by our staff, offered a hot or cold beverage whilst you browse our Reloved Look Book.  Rebecca will be with you in person to see your jewellery in person, inspect your jewellery in depth and talk you through what can be done with your jewellery. Rebecca will find out about the story behind your jewellery (if it has one!) and bear that in mind for the design ideas.

Rebecca will then sketch out a few concepts and suggested designs. Sometimes this is a process of sketching lots of different ideas until we come to one that we both love! Rebecca will show you the sort of thing we think we can achieve for you, making sure it holds your story within it.

The Reloved Consultation room has a display of several rings, necklaces and bangles so you can see in person to see the quality of Rebeccas work and you may be inspired by what is there! You are able to try on a few different styles of rings and see how it feels to wear a larger wider stacker set or a more elaborate Reloved ring! Rebecca also has a large beautiful gemstone collection that we can use to add in stones into your project if you desire.

We will then finalise your design in person and draw a final coloured sketch showing how we are going to create your special Reloved project.

Rebecca will then send a quotation to you afterwards after fully evaluating the project in more depth.  Once we have both agreed the costs and you are happy to proceed, then we will issue a deposit invoice for 50% of the total cost. Once the deposit is paid that is your project secured.

If we need to book in a quick 15minute catch up call at any time on the run up to your project being started if you have a change of heart or we need to confirm a few things we can arrange.

The Reloved Final Steps

After your Reloved Project is finished, either Rebecca or our lovely Sheena will be in touch to let you know and Sheena will sort out a balance request for you. We can either ship out the commission using a secure and insured postal service, chargeable at £10.

Our Ideal scenario is for you to return to see Rebecca and our team in person for a short RELOVED COLLECTION APPOINTMENT, to make sure everything fits perfectly and is exactly what you were after. We love to see you happy as it’s a very emotional process and we love to be there in person with you when you do the big unveil.

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