Love Prevails Ring – 6mm Ethiopian Opal


Love Prevails Band with a beautiful 6mm Opal

The Story...

When the rough meets the smooth in life – love prevails

Meaning design in that the ring band is half hammered and half smooth and where they meet the word ‘LOVE’ is stamped to symbolise that love prevails through the rough and smooth of life.

  • Love Prevails Band is 3mm wide by a chunky 2mm thick adorned with a stunning Ethiopian Faceted Opal- the colours of which are mesmerising.  The genuine opal is white but has flashes of pink, blue, green and even orange through it.
  • Half of the ring is hammered in texture on the sides and the top of the ring and the other half is smooth
  • LOVE is stamped where they meet- you can wear this word on the inside of your palm or on the outside for you to see
  • Perfect by its self or paired beautifully with its matching 6mm Love Prevails Stone Ring – a personalised version is also available alongside Love Prevail Stacker Sets
  • Remember even though Ethiopian opals are stunning they require delicate care – avoid contact with water if possible – if the stone turns clear thats normal, let it dry and leave out for a few hours and its colour will come back.

Hand-made in Scotland by a team of skilled jewellers...