Heart Thread Through Hoop Earrings


Heart Thread Through Hoops

The Story...

Lovely heart thread through earrings handmade from sterling silver wire.

  • These earrings thread through your ear and form a heart shape around your ear lobe.
  • Made from 1mm wire so not too thick to aggravate your ears and thick enough to stay put!
  • These earrings come with plastic backings you can pop on the end if you are worried about that.
  • The hearts are hand formed so each one is unique
  • Approximate sizes are: Small 20mm, Medium 40mm tall and Large are approx 60mm (shown in main first image) – all hammered texture on the outside of each heart.
  • Simply gently twist the bottom of the heart and thread through your ear then pull back together
  • Something a little different!

    Small Heart Hoops

Hand-made in Scotland by a team of skilled jewellers...

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