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in Kinross, Scotland

By Rebecca specialises in handmade Reloved Remodelling, Bespoke & Wedding Jewellery and Personalised Hand-stamped Jewellery


The Reloved Service is a deeply meaningful offering by Rebecca where we can remodel old stories held in sentimental jewellery passed down to you from precious family members and turn them into future heirlooms and remodelled jewellery that means everything to you to wear today.

Remodelled Jewellery Remodelled Jewellery

Relove Your Jewellery - Remodelling

We have a highly skilled team of goldsmiths and can offer a variety of different techniques to get to your desired piece. Mostly commonly traditional goldsmithing gets us the result we are after but we can often use Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Wax Carving to gain the desired result. I love to work with rub over bezel style settings but can also offer claw set, flush and pave setting to set your stones. 

We can remodel both your metal and stones.  We can also  reshape the stones shape to suit the design if possible.

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Remodelled Jewellery Remodelled Jewellery

My Story

Rebecca founded the company from a very personal place after a prolonged period of major difficulty and change in her own life caused her to reflect on her life’s journey. She found comfort and encouragement through this time from creating empowering jewellery hand-stamped with meaningful words to remind her why she had to keep going. It was Rebecca’s way of managing her own healing at the same time as finding the strength and courage to build a future for herself and her son.

"All our jewellery is hand-made by our highly skilled team of goldsmiths and jewellers at By Rebecca Studios, Kinross, Scotland."

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