Wild Swimming - Is my jewellery safe to wear?

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So I have found a new passion on my most recent camping trip up to the Isle of Skye - one that woke up my senses outside and in - Wild Swimming!! There is a massive movement towards wild swimming boasting that its great for your immune system and generally great for your mental well-being and i'm fully on board! But the question is to any By Rebecca Jewellery lover....is my jewellery safe to wear whilst swimming?

In short, the answer is no.......

Apart from the fact that your hands may shrink in size due to the sheer coldness of the Scottish icy water and therefore risking that beautiful handmade jewellery slipping off your fingers...there are chemicals in sea water, and waters from the mountains...that will make sterling silver tarnish.

Water itself doesn't damage precious metals, in fact its recommended to wash your jewellery in water for a short period of time then clean dry, but the real culprits are the chemicals in the water and its these chemicals, mainly chlorine that will darken your lovely sparkly silver jewellery and make them dull.

Sea water is full of salt, sodium chloride (my chemistry degree is coming in handy now!) - so the chlorine in the salt water will react with the copper in your sterling silver jewellery (sterling silver is 92.5% silver and the rest is made up of other metal alloys, mainly copper) to tarnish & darken your shiny silver and even make it turn black if left long enough! This process is even worse in swimming pools....and even worse in those hot tubs.....so avoid that chlorine!

But don't despair if you have been swimming with your jewellery on....there are a few home techniques you can use to turn your jewellery back to being shiny again!

You can try a few of the techniques shown here on the Jewellery Care section of the website - or I do offer a FREE professional polishing service for ALL By Rebecca jewellery - send it back to me and ill bring it back to life for you - just cover the postage costs and let us bring your beloved jewellery back to its sparkle again! An exclusive service for my lovely By Rebecca customers only! So, remember next time.....paddleboarding, canoeing or wild swimming in those beautiful lochs and seas of Scotland......take your jewellery off before you nip in and enjoy your next dip!

Until next time!

Rebecca xx


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