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As each project is so very different it's hard to put a standard price on these commissions so please contact me
for a quotation and general pricing structure for all the Reloved Services.

Angie's Story

One my first major Reloved Projects - This ring is a fusion of all Angies family’s jewellery from her own unwanted jewellery to jewellery passed to her from her mother and granmother.

Gold from her Grans wedding ring was wrapped round the ring with a central diamond from her old engagement ring newly set in a 9ct gold setting with the rubies from her mums ring surrounding.

The small balls are made up from pieces of other inherited jewellery so this piece truly symbolises the purpose of a Reloved Ring - pieces of all your past made into one very precious ring.
Angie's Story - before
Angie's Story - After
"This ring signifies the relationship with my Mum. The diamond she bought me as a necklace which I then had re-modelled into a ring which was unimpressive to say the least so decided to contact Rebecca to see what she could do with the jewellery to make something new. My Mum then offered me her wedding ring to incorporate into the beautiful creation with stones from a ring she bought me for my 21st birthday..Rebeccas creation is incredible and everything about my mum and me is there shining brightly”
Val's Gold Heart Ring

Val's Story

To celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary it was time to treat herself to this beautiful diamond and gold stacker set with a lovely meaning behind them. Gold from a special ring her husband gave to her was melted down to create the thick heart on the central heart stacker ring. She now cherishes these rings knowing how much they mean to her with a piece of the past, the present and the future in them.

"My reloved rings were made from an 18yr old ring that my husband bought me when I was going through a rough time with my first pregnancy. I had lost the diamond a few years back. When I came across Rebecca's designs I wanted her to create something special for our 25th wedding anniversary using this ring. Rebecca was amazing, she knew exactly what I wanted and I think she got just as excited as me.

She also ensured that I was happy with every detail, right down to the sparkle of the diamonds. I'm so happy with the stacker rings, everyday is a new configuration, I just love them and I highly recommend Rebecca and her amazing talents"


Vicki's Story

My journey with ‘Holly Silver’ started nearly 3 years ago when my lovely colleagues bought me the ‘strength’ necklace and a pair of the hammered circle earrings as a leaving present. Leaving a job I loved after 17 years was tough so having that necklace to remind me that my previous team were behind me really kept me going in those early months of a new role and being a team of one. I then bought myself the matching bangle a couple of months later and after that I was hooked!
I call Rebecca my jewellery witch as I love to think of her leaning over her melting pot creating little bits of loveliness. This was never more evident than during the process to create my ‘re-loved’ pieces. What started as a vague Facebook messenger enquiry then became a drawing as she sketched some ideas in front of me (Is there no end to her talents?!). It started as a ‘I’ve got my Dad’s signet ring, do you think you can use that to do a bangle that will have the shape of the wave ring I’ve got?’. Over the weeks she kept in contact sending little videos of where she was in the process and asking me about different aspects of my bangle.
Vicki with her Pebble
Vicki's Diamond Ring
Vicki Modelling her Goods
Vicki's Before and After
Rebecca puts her heart and soul into every piece of jewellery but the re-loved ones remain closest to her heart. I am not a particularly weepy person but when I saw the final product I did shed a tear, overwhelmed with the feeling of having my parents close by (I’m weeping now as I type this)....... My bangle has bits of both my Mam and Dad in it as well as an infinity sign for the bridge in my home town. Completely personal to me and totally unique. I could feel her relief when I said how much I loved what she had done. To be able to create something so beautiful from an entirely different object is a rare talent, to do that whilst infusing each piece with her love and care is very special indeed. The second piece she created is ‘just’ a pebble necklace. Again Rebecca made suggestions, I made suggestions and another piece that is just for me was born. I love the heaviness against my chest always reminding me of my folks. I’m not sure how much gold is left with the jewellery witch but I know that a ring will be heading my way’s always an exciting day when one of those familiar packages lands on the mat!

I like to think that Rebecca and I are now friends how could we not be when I’m wearing one of her creations just about every day.

Talk to Rebecca, the jewellery witch, about your re-loved ideas. You won’t regret it!

Natalie's Story

Natalie's Solo Diamond ring
"For a while I’d wanted to buy a ring that meant something to me. I just couldn’t find anything that felt right. When I saw your reloved jewellery I instantly knew this was what I wanted. Breathing new life in to jewellery that meant a lot to me already. Just perfect!

Deciding on the settings and engravings was easy with Rebecca’s guidance. She had great ideas and gave me different options to suit my budget. I was so easy and very exciting. Rebecca couldn’t have been easier to talk to or more relaxed when I changed my mind on the settings I wanted a few weeks later.

When I collected the rings I was beyond delighted. They were better than I’d imagined and it felt so special knowing that something I cherished from
age 16 would live on for many years, and would eventually be gifted to my daughter on her 16th birthday.

These rings signify my family connections. Bringing together a gift from my parents and celebrating my family now. My daughter is adopted and creating a new piece of jewellery for a new family tradition has been so special and means so much."

Catriona's Story

“Mum will always be in my heart - Thank you Rebecca for using my mums engagement ring to form a precious heart that I will see everyday”

Nikki's Story

To bring the two metals together, the following design was created that showed two parts joining as one in this symbolic and deeply meaningful ring.
“My husband and I have been together over 30 years, my hubby no longer wore his wedding ring and I had a new one from 15yrs earlier. To surprise him with a new wedding ring I chatted with Rebecca on how we could use both our original wedding bands and combine with new silver. Rebecca suggested a half and half blending together.
As we didn't have enough gold I added in a gold ring very precious to me which no longer fitted,
it was a gift for my 18th from my dear departed grandmother which made the ring so so special.
Rebecca made the most beautiful ring which means so much to both of us, the preloved wedding
band holds many memories we have shared together, so precious to us. Rebecca also inscribed inside the ring with our special three little words.
I am thrilled to say that the ring is now worn constantly……. xx"
Nikki's Unity Ring

Jenna's Story

"Rebecca did such a lovely job of my relived rings. My gran had given me a ring full of sapphires and diamonds that grandad had bought for her abroad. It was pretty fancy and she didn't wear it anymore so wanted me to have it to be made into something that I would wear. A few days later she sadly and unexpectedly passed away. My rings are so special because I have her with me wherever I go. I even got mum a ring made from the same old ring which means even more.”

Julie's Story

Julie had diamonds from her old engagement ring made into 2 new sets of stacker rings, set in 9ct yellow gold for each of her daughters.
"I wanted to share the symbol of love and commitment shown to me by my husband with my two daughters and so had my engagement ring beautifully crafted in to 3 rings. The rings have such sentiment for each of us not only because of the sign of deep love passed down the generations but because they were so lovingly created by a lady who genuinely put heart and soul into our jewellery with her passion. Thank you Rebecca x"

Susan's Story

"At what was an extremely difficult time in my life, I was searching for the perfect birthday gift for my daughters 18th. Due to a change in my personal circumstances, I had limited funds, but I did have some tiny diamonds removed from a vintage bracelet that had been used for another project. I went to see Rebecca with a loose idea of wanting a bracelet for my daughters incorporating the diamonds. We chatted and doodled, and came up with the idea of a chunky cuff with the constellation for her birth month incorporating the diamonds. There were 16 in total, and Rebecca put together the most beautiful bracelet placing the stones within the constellation, and using most of the remaining stones to scatter like stars. Inside there was an inscription for my daughter of a little quote we share - “your life, your journey”. Went I went to collect the finished bracelet, I was so overwhelmed at the beautiful job Rebecca had made. It really was stunning. She then surprised me with a little gift for myself using the last tiny diamond - a necklace with the word strength on it to help me through my situation. A beautiful item, made my a beautiful person who truly puts her heart into everything she makes."

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