My Wee Star Circle Necklace


My wee Star Circle necklace - Hammered or frosted simple classic circle necklace


You are my wee star.......

Beautifully simple circle necklace with a wee star.  This necklace comes in two ways - with the wee star hanging off the bottom of the circle or sitting on in the inside of the circle.   Beautifully simple and sweet

  • Circle is 15mm across and wee star can be attached either hanging or inside the circle
  • Wee Star is hand carved sterling silver and is 6mm finished with a gentle hammer finish
  • The outer circle can be textured hammered or frosted
  • Available on a trace chain in standard lengths of 16", 18" and 20"


Additional information

Chain Length

16", 18", 20"


Hammered, Frosted

Star Position

Star Inside, Hanging Star


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