Crescent Moon Necklace


Chunky Crescent Moon Necklace


Crescent Moon Necklace

We see the same moon…..

Each phase of life, like the moon, goes through a cycle - continually transitioning through each waxing and waning moon. I often look to the moon in reflection so this necklace for me is symbolic of how we transcend from the waning moon of surrender and rest to the fresh energy and focus of the waxing moon. This necklace sits in the middle to show that we all fluctuate between these two moons - restoring balance to our lives between these two states. ?✨

Beautiful Solid Sterling Crescent Moon pendant

  • Moon pendant is made from super chunky silver and is 3cm wide and 2cm tall with a wonderful 8mm width - super chunky and super beautiful!

  • Can be placed on a snake chain or mini belcher 16/18” or 20" as standard - please contact me if you wish for this to be on a different chain as this is possible

  • You can also get this pendant on a long chest length 30" mini-belcher chain for £15 extra


Additional information

Chain Length

16", 18", 20", 30"

Chain Type

Snake, Mini Belcher

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