Birthstone Rainbow Studs


NEW! Stunning Sparkly Birthstone Rainbow Studs

The Story...

NEW! Stunning Birthstone Rainbow Studs – colours of the rainbow!

  • 4mm Cubic zirconia Stone set in a bezel rub over sterling silver setting made into a stud – this style matches all th stacking rings that By Rebecca makes.

January – Garnet (cz red)
February – Amethyst (cz darker purple)
March – Aquamarine (cz light blue)
April – Diamond (cz clear)
May – Emerald (cz green)
June – Alexandrite (cz violet)
July – Ruby (cz red)
August – Peridot (cz green)
September – Sapphire (cz dark blue)
October – Tourmaline (cz pink)
November – Citrine (cz yellow) – Topaz is also used for Nov so you can choose the Light Blue Stone to represent a topaz
December – Tanzanite (cz violet)

  • We can make these studs with a custom specific gemstone so email in to enquire a price

Hand-made in Scotland by a team of skilled jewellers...