Birthstone Circle Studs


Birthstone Circle Studs


Stunning Birthstone Circle Studs

  • 15mm frosted or hammered sterling silver birthstone earring studs
  • Circles are made with chunky 2mm square wire so nice and substantial
  • 3mm Stone Choice - the majority stones incorporated in these birthstone studs are cubic zirconias (cz) with the exception of the Garnet for January which is a gemstone:
    January - Garnet (garnet red)
    February - Amethyst (cz purple)
    March - Aquamarine (cz light blue)
    April - Diamond (cz clear)
    May - Emerald (cz green)
    June - Alexandrite (cz lavender)
    July - Ruby (cz red)
    August - Peridot (cz light green)
    September - Sapphire (cz dark blue)
    October - Tourmaline (cz pink)
    November - Citrine (cz yellow)
    December - Tanzanite (cz violet)
  • Birthstone circle necklace and bracelet are also available to match this product


Additional information

Stone Colour

Jan - Garnet Red, Feb - CZ Purple, Mar - CZ Light Blue, Apr - CZ Clear, May - CZ Green, Jun - CZ Lavender, Jul - CZ Red, Aug - Peridot CZ Light Green, Sept - CZ Dark Blue, Oct - CZ Pink, Nov - CZ Yellow, Dec - CZ Violet


Hammered, Frosted

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